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Jun. 2018

The rules are simple, every body can play: from the amateur to the football obsessed supporter. Each winning game gives you points (2 points if the winning team is correct, 5 points if you get the score right). You can boost your bets (3 times only) if you are sure of a score. And you can bet until the last minute.

The betters ranking is updated at the end of each game.The website is responsive, adapting to all devices. We also designed an interface displaying data from the bettings on a wall-mouded TV.

Coded with magic by Matthieu Renaut & Pierre Tardieu


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I'm Jubéo Hernandez — French Digital Art Director living in Paris. I’m currently working at Lonsdale Design

I would like to thank you @Matthieu Renaut for coding with magic this site.

That’s it from me.