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Jan. 2018
Drouot Online

Drouot is a name that resonates with a specific echo amongst art lovers around the world. Since 1851, it became the headquarters to "La Chambre Nationale des Commissaires-Priseurs Judiciare" (National Chamber of Judicial Auctioneers), founded by Napoleon I in 1801, and continues to be a place of reference for the French and European art market.

Drouot Digital annually posts more than 3000 catalogues online and nearly a million lots, with an estimated value of 900 million euros, of which 75% are eligible for Live bidding and 15% for Online bidding.


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I'm Jubéo Hernandez — French Digital Art Director living in Paris. I’m currently working at Lonsdale Design

I would like to thank you @Matthieu Renaut for coding with magic this site.

That’s it from me.