Addicted to coffee & love creating beautiful websites and great looking interfaces.

  • Hello Talent

    Hello Talent, recruitment, made simple ✌️

    Talentsoft is the European leader in Cloud-based talent management and learning software. The company serves 1,800 customers and 9 million users across every continent and its application is available in 27 languages.

    • Identity
    • website
    • art direction
    • web design
  • Laroutourne


    For the 2018 football world cup, launching of a betting website. Thanks to a simply (and beautifully) designed interface displaying key information to maximize your bettings (teams, players, Fifa rankings, even statistics!) you can say goodbye to your old fashioned Excel sheets!

    • Identity
    • website
    • art direction
    • app
  • Primagaz

    Primagaz — Customer services

    A historical gas-powered player for more than 150 years and a member of the international group SHV Energy, the world leader in the distribution of LPG, Primagaz is committed to bringing you the qualities of gas energy and all its expertise to help you Consume better and less.

    • Customer services
    • websit
    • art direction
    • auctions
  • Drouot Digital

    Drouot is a name that resonates with a specific echo amongst art lovers around the world. Since 1851, it became the headquarters to "La Chambre Nationale des Commissaires-Priseurs Judiciare" (National Chamber of Judicial Auctioneers), founded by Napoleon I in 1801, and continues to be a place of reference for the French and European art market.

    • Ui / UX
    • branding
    • website
    • auctions
  • Solvay

    Solvay — reworking of the online magazine

    The ambition was to make it less corporate, with a clear reader promise. The name, the baseline and the magazine look and feel had to be challenged.

    • UI/UX
    • magazine
    • blog
    • website
  • Personal project

    Data dashboard

    Powerful web app giving you all the tools you need to nicely display your data, monitoring dashboards and present your data with a design interface on wall-mounted TV.

    • Dashboard
    • monitoring
    • web app
    • data
  • Nexity

    Nexity — creation of a content management tool

    The aim of this project was to create an easy-to-use tool that gave visibility to all the publishers of Nexity. A light interface with few functionalities that generates a very useful calendar and allows the Communication department to validate the content.

    • interface
    • website
    • tool
    • UI/UX
  • Personal project

    News interface

    News list interface

    • News
    • interface
    • journal
    • article

I'm Jubéo Hernandez — French Digital Art Director living in Paris. I’m currently working at Lonsdale Design

I would like to thank you @Matthieu Renaut for coding with magic this site.

That’s it from me.